Shuaib is  Chair of spatial planning for urban resilience. Shuaib has over 2 decades experience in higher education and research while at Makerere University in Uganda. He is the founding coordinator of the Urban Action Research Lab investigating urban transitions and resilience in global south cities. His research focuses intractable urban development challenges for actionable, scalable, innovative, and equitable solutions related to climate change adaptation and resilience in global south cities. His research on informality in global south has contributed to evidence of co-produced knowledge for urban systems transition and transformation. He has published widely in international journals including Nature, Nature Sustainability, Nature Climate Change, World Development and Global Environmental Change. He was a Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC WGIII AR6 for the Urban Systems chapter, a Lead Author for the IPCC Special report on Land and Climate Change and Lead Author of the IPCC WGII AR5 report on Human settlements and Spatial Planning.


  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

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    • Climate
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    • Uganda
    • Infrastructure
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  • Social Sciences

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Ancillary activities

  • International Institute of Social SciencesTeaching and research
  • UNDRRAdvisory Role
  • International Institue of Social SciencesTeaching, research and adminstration
  • Univeraity of Manchesterresearch
  • SpringerAssociate Editor


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