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 I'm a health economist with a background in economics (BCom.), medical science (BSc.), public health (MPH) and health economics (PhD). My expertise is in health technology assessment. I'm experienced in evaluating health care interventions across a range of disease areas including both within-trial and modelled evaluations. A current research interest includes using simulation modelling to evaluate decision problems with a resource constraint.


Cost-effectiveness of one-stop-shop [18F]Fluorocholine PET/CT to localise parathyroid adenomas in patients suffering from primary hyperparathyroidismEuropean journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (E-pub ahead of print/First online). van Mossel, S., Saing, S., Appelman-Dijkstra, N., Quak, E., Schepers, A., Smit, F., de Geus-Oei, L. F. & Vriens, D.
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The RESOLVE Trial for people with chronic low back pain: statistical analysis planBrazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, 25(1), 103-111. Bagg, M. K., Lo, S., Cashin, A. G., Herbert, R. D., O'Connell, N. E., Lee, H., Hübscher, M., Wand, B. M., O'Hagan, E., Rizzo, R. R. N., Moseley, G. L., Stanton, T. R., Maher, C. G., Goodall, S., Saing, S. & McAuley, J. H.
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