prof.dr. S. Siesling (Sabine)

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Medicine & Life Sciences
Breast Neoplasms

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van den Biggelaar, Y. J. P. G., Kuiper, J. G., van der Sangen, M. J. C., Luiten, E. , Siesling, S., van Herk-Sukel, M. P. P., Voogd, A. C., & Mesters, I. (Accepted/In press). 5-year adherence to adjuvant endocrine treatment in Dutch women with early stage breast cancer: a population-based database study (2006-2016). Breast Disease.
Steenbruggen, T. G., Wolf, D. M., Thijssen, B., Sanders, J., Cornelissen, S., Salgado, R., Mittempergher, L., Bhaskaran, R., Broeks, A., Lips, E. , Siesling, S., Sonke, G. S., Horlings, H. M., & van ‘t Veer, L. J. (2023). Characterization of the Tumor Microenvironment of De Novo Oligometastatic Breast Cancer in a Nationwide Cohort. JCO Precision Oncology, 7. https://doi.org/10.1200/PO.22.00670
Ploumen, R. A. W., Claassens, E. L., Kooreman, L. F. S., Keymeulen, K., van Kats, M. A. C. E., Gommers, S. , Siesling, S., van Nijnatten, T. J. A., & Smidt, M. L. (2023). Pathologic complete response of ductal carcinoma in situ to neoadjuvant systemic therapy in HER2-positive invasive breast cancer patients: a nationwide analysis. Breast cancer research and treatment, 201, 227-235. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10549-023-07012-z
Hamersma, D. T. , Schreuder, K., Geleijnse, G., Heeg, E., Cellamare, M., Lobbes, M. B. I., Mureau, M. A. M., Koppert, L. B., Skjerven, H., Nygård, J. F. , Oudshoorn, C. , & Siesling, S. (2023). Comparing quality of breast cancer care in the Netherlands and Norway by federated propensity score analytics. Breast cancer research and treatment, 201(2), 247-256. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10549-023-06986-0
Verreck, E. E. F., van Steenhoven, J. E. C., Kuijer, A. , van Maaren, M. C., Simons, J. M. , Siesling, S., & van Dalen, T. (2023). Trends of axillary treatment in sentinel node-positive breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy. Annals of surgical oncology, 30(9), 5623-5632. https://doi.org/10.1245/s10434-023-13568-3

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