S. van der Linden (Sara)

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I am a PhD candidate at Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences/ ELAN Department of Teacher DevelopmentUniversity of Twente. I am especially interested in the professional development of (early career) teachers, the use of technology to support student and teacher learning and educational design research.


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PhD project summary

Designing video coaching to support early career teachers’ instructional practice

Not all early career teachers have acquired the general teaching skills at the same level as their more experienced colleagues. Consequently, schools aspire to offer induction programs to support the professional development of early career teachers. Coaching in combination with video seems to be a promising approach, but there is limited insight into the way video coaching can contribute to the professional development of early career teachers. 

We will develop a video coaching routine through an educational design research project of four interconnected studies, characterized by phases of (1) analysis and exploration, (2) design and construction, (3) evaluation and reflection. Each study will produce valuable insights, but the findings from each study will also be used as input for the next study. During the analysis and exploration phase, we will conduct a systematic literature review to investigate which learning processes and outcomes are produced by video coaching interventions and in what way specific design features can influence these processes and outcomes. In addition, we will conduct focus group interviews with coaches working in secondary education to gain insight in their experiences from practice and to what extend these experiences align with the findings from the systematic literature review. The results of this phase will be used in the design and construction phase, in which we will develop two to three different video coaching routines. Through mixed method, quasi-experimental case studies in the evaluation and reflection phase, we will examine (a) to what extend and in what way the design generates the expected learning processes and (b) to what extend and in what way these learning processes contribute to teacher outcomes. A final video coaching routine will be developed based on these findings. Ultimately, we will conduct an experimental study to investigate the effects of this video coaching routine on the teaching skills of early career teachers.

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