dr. S.M. van den Berg (Stéphanie)

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I'm head of the section CODE, which stands for Cognition, Data and Education, and is part of the LDT department at the BMS faculty. Together with other BMS data enthusiasts, I run the Behavioural Data Science Incubator. We can support you in everything related to Data Science: developing new ways to measure, collect and analyse data. 


Twin Studies
Genome-Wide Association Study


As head of the Behavioural Data Science Incubator, I'm interested in everything that has to do with the analysis of data. With a background in psychology, I'm particularly interested in online and offline behaviour. 


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Together with an enthusiastic team I'm involved in redesigning the data analytical courses of BMS bachelor programmes. The new starting point is the linear model, facilitated by a new textbook I've written. In addition, we're introducing R instead of SPSS as the main statistical software to first-year students as of academic year 2020-2021. Currently I teach Data Analysis and Data Science courses to first-year and second-year bachelor students in Psychology. I supervise students working on their bachelor, master and PhD theses. 

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