After finishing an EngD project on measuring the circularity level of bridge designs between 2017 and 2019, I conducted a PhD project on the transition towards a circular infrastructure from a socio-technical perspective. My current research interests focus on the governance and management aspects of societal challenges, missions, and transitions in the civil engineering domain, with special interests in circularity.


  • Computer Science

    • Innovations
    • Transitions
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences

    • Infrastructure
  • Social Sciences

    • Construction
    • Perspective
    • Construction Industry
    • Ecosystems
    • Innovation



Circular infrastructure in terms of institutional logicsIn ARCOM Thirty-Ninth Annual Conference 2023: September 4-6: Proceedings (pp. 731-741). Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM). Coenen, T. B. J., Volker, L. & Visscher, K. contested problem-solution spaces: The case of Dutch circular constructionEnvironmental innovation and societal transitions, 48, Article 100752. Wiarda, M., Coenen, T. B. J. & Doorn, N. and innovation beyond project boundaries: exploring the potential of an ecosystem perspective in the infrastructure sectorConstruction management and economics, 41(6), 457-474. Vosman, L., Coenen, T. B. J., Volker, L. & Visscher, K. in de infra-sector: innovatie door projectoverstijgende samenwerking. University of Twente. Vosman, L., Coenen, T., Volker, L. & Visscher, K.A systemic perspective on transition barriers to a circular infrastructure sectorConstruction management and economics, 41(1), 22-43. Coenen, T. B. J., Visscher, K. & Volker, L. in the Built Environment: A Goal or a Means?In SDGs in Construction Economics and Organization: The 11th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation (CREON) (pp. 253-267). Springer. Coenen, T. B. J., Visscher, K. & Volker, L.

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