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Tanya Bondarouk is Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of Twente (The Netherlands) and the chair of the department HRM. She leads the interdisciplinary research about HRM, Technology and Innovation. Her research projects cover topics related to an integration of Human Resource Management and social aspects of Information Technologies, such as digitalization of the workforce and HRM, implementation of digital HRM solutions, robotization and workforce management. In this field, she has edited numerous special issues in international journals and twelve scholarly books. Since 2006 she is involved in organizing International Academic Conferences on  digital HRM. 


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Ancillary Activities

  • LNVH
    Member of the Board of LNVH
  • Saxion
    Member of the advisory board to the Academy of Mens en Arbeid, Saxion
  • Routledge / Taylor & Francis group publishing - https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/rijh
    Associate Editor of the International Journal of HRM
  • Emerald Publishing - https://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/
    Senior Editor of the Advanced Series in Management (book series)
  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Department of Economic Sciences and Business Management; Faculty of Economics
    Teaching the e-HRM module in the Strategic HRM master course


Prof. T. Bondarouk (Ph.D) is recognized as one of the founders of the electronic Human Resource Management (e-HRM) discipline. During the past two decades, her work was mainly concerned with the integration of Human Resource Management (HRM) processes, and practices with the social aspects of (Information) Technology Implementations. Within this discipline, her work aimed to solve complex organisational and societal problems from an ecosystemic perspective, capitalising on the cross-functional competencies of various inter-disciplinary teams. She has made substantial contributions to high-impact peer-reviewed journals across various disciplines such as Information Technology (IT), HRM and general management, including the European Journal of Information Systems, European Management Journal, International Journal of HRM, HRM Review, Human Resource Management, and Personnel Review.  She has worked extensively within both the private- and public sectors as not only an academic and a researcher, but as a functional advisor on policy level for organizations such as Dutch and Belgian Ministries, Shell, Dow Chemical, KPN and Belgacom, Philips, KLM Air France, ABN AMRO Bank, Ford, IBM, and several healthcare organizations. Since 2014 she has been leading large-scale interdisciplinary research projects (financed by NWO) into Innovating Human Resource Management for Employee Driven Innovations. These projects span various sectors ranging from healthcare organizations, to the higher educational environment and aims to examine the multilevel effects of HRM on innovation performance. Here she is managing multi-disciplinary, international team projects which focus on the dynamics of (configurations of) HRM practices and their impact on individual Innovative Work Behavior of employees, individual, group, organizational and social innovation performance.

Her research performance is summarized as:

  • Authoring more than 100 international journals and book chapters publications, and 12 scholarly books, and editing 12 special issues into different aspects of digitalization of HRM and workforce in international refereed journals
  • Work as the editor: European Associate Editor of the Personnel Review; Associate Editor of The International Journal of HRM; Senior Editor of European Journal of International Management, and Book Series editor of Advanced Series of Management (Emerald Publishers BV)
  • Supervising 16 PhD projects, examining 23 PhD dissertations; national and international; mentoring young scholars
  • Establishment of the International e-HRM research community, about 150 scholars from the world.


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