Tessa Dekkers is a lecturer at the department of Psychology, Health and Technology. She wrote her PhD-thesis 'Data-driven Patient Profiles: Definition, validation, and implementation for tailored orthopaedic healthcare services' at the department of Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology. 

Tessa enjoys interdisciplinary research and draws inspiration from her broad training in (health-) psychology and design science. Her main research interests include the role of personalisation and customization in intervention design, patient experience, and eHealth implementation. She is also a self-identified data and methodology geek and will spend many a night coding online field experiments or predictive models. As an avid fan of personalized media and amateur film critic, she maintains the website filmoftheday.nl to help users find tailored movie recommendations in her spare time.


  • Psychology

    • Mental Illness
    • Health
  • Social Sciences

    • Intervention
    • Design
    • Effectiveness
    • Consumers
  • Nursing and Health Professions

    • Control
    • Experiment




Other contributions

Dekkers, T., Melles, M., Groeneveld, B. S., & de Ridder, H. (2018). Web-based patient education in orthopedics: systematic review. Journal of medical Internet research20(4), e143.

Dekkers, T., Melles, M., Mathijssen, N. M., Vehmeijer, S. B., & de Ridder, H. (2018). Tailoring the orthopaedic consultation: How perceived patient characteristics influence surgeons’ communication. Patient education and counseling101(3), 428-438.

Dekkers, T., & Hertroijs, D. F. (2018). Tailored Healthcare: Two Perspectives on the Development and Use of Patient Profiles. Advances in therapy35(9), 1453-1459.

Groeneveld, B., Melles, M., Vehmeijer, S., Mathijssen, N., Dekkers, T., & Goossens, R. (2019). Developing digital applications for tailored communication in orthopaedics using a Research through Design approach. Digital health5, 2055207618824919.

Groeneveld, B., Dekkers, T., Boon, B., & D’Olivo, P. (2018). Challenges for design researchers in healthcare. Design for Health2(2), 305-326.

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de Ridder, E. F., Dekkers, T., Porsius, J. T., Kraan, G., & Melles, M. (2018). The perioperative patient experience of hand and wrist surgical patients: An exploratory study using patient journey mapping. Patient Experience Journal5(3), 97-107.

van Smoorenburg, A. N., Hertroijs, D. F., Dekkers, T., Elissen, A. M., & Melles, M. (2019). Patients’ perspective on self-management: type 2 diabetes in daily life. BMC health services research19(1), 1-8.

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