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Thomas van Rompay is an Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Science of the University of Twente (UT) in the Netherlands. He has a background in cognitive psychology. After obtaining his master degree at Leiden University, he pursued his PhD at Delft Technical University, Department of Industrial Design Engineering. Specifically, he studied design experience from an embodied cognition perspective, investigating how design communicates meaning and affect. Since 2005, he works at The University of Twente. His current research projects take place on the threshold of design and psychology where he studies, amongst others, influences of environmental design and technology on health and wellbeing, and multi-sensory experiences as a function of packaging design. In addition, Van Rompay collaborates in multi-disciplinary projects in order to develop design and technology for people with health challenges, amongst others in ZonMW's "Growing Roots: Connecting Elderly through Virtual Nature Spaces", and in Horizon 2020's "MinD: Designing for people with Dementia". At the UT, he participates in tech-inspired programs including Living Smart Campus and Tech4People. Furthermore, he teaches and works at the University’s DesignLab where he is a DL-fellow.


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de Vries, P. W., & van Rompay, T. J. L. (2015). "For your safety" Effects of camera surveillance on safety impressions, situation construal and attributed intent. Paper presented at 10th International Conference on Persuasive Technology, PERSUASIVE 2015, Chicago, United States.
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In recent research projects, I collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams in order to develop design and technology for people with health challenges, such as:

- Growing Roots: Growing Roots: Connecting Elderly through Virtual Nature Spaces - ZonMW/Create Health

- MinD: Designing for people with Dementia - Horizon 2020 research and innovation Program.


In my teaching, I coordinate, amongst others, a project-based module on Design, VR and behaviour change in collaboration with the BMSLAB and the UT Sports Centre.

In addition, I participate in UT projects including:


Living Smart Campus


And I'm happy to work and teach at the DesignLab where I'm a DesignLab fellow.


Recent media appearances:



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