• Computer Science

    • Algorithms
    • decision diagram
    • binary decision diagram
    • Multicore
    • Model Checking
    • Evaluation
    • Solving Algorithm
    • Model Checking Problem


My research is connected to formal verification and synthesis, including the efficient solving of parity games, using binary decision diagrams in formal methods and SAT/SMT solving with multi-core parallelism. I like making and improving usable research tools.


The Reactive Synthesis Competition (SYNTCOMP): 2018-2021. Jacobs, S., Perez, G. A., Abraham, R., Bruyere, V., Cadilhac, M., Colange, M., Delfosse, C., Dijk, T. v., Duret-Lutz, A., Faymonville, P., Finkbeiner, B., Khalimov, A., Klein, F., Luttenberger, M., Meyer, K., Michaud, T., Pommellet, A., Renkin, F., Schlehuber-Caissier, P., … Walker, A.
Almost-Symbolic Synthesis via Delta-2-Normalisation for Linear Temporal Logic. van Dijk, T., Abraham, R. & Sickert, S.IntelliJML: A JML plugin for IntelliJ IDEAIn FTfJP 2021 - Proceedings of the 23rd ACM International Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-Like Programs, co-located with ECOOP/ISSTA 2021 (pp. 39-42). Association for Computing Machinery. Monteiro, S., Sokolovas, E., Wittingen, E., Dijk, T. V. & Huisman, M.
Symbolic Parity Game Solvers that Yield Winning StrategiesIn Proceedings 11th International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logics, and Formal Verification: Brussels, Belgium, September 21-22, 2020 (pp. 18-32). Open Publishing Association. Lijzenga, O. & van Dijk, T.

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University of Twente

Zilverling (building no. 11), room 3035
Hallenweg 19
7522 NH Enschede

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