T.H.J. Vaneker is a member of the AMSPES group of DPM. His main research interests are 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing (Design for AM, development of AM processes, research and improvement of mainstream AM processes) and Industrial Robotics (factory automation strategies, smart manufacturing). He is the program director of the EngD Robotics and is a member of CIRP, the international academy for production engineering.  Teaching activities are focused on the bachelor and master phases of Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


  • Material Science

    • Three Dimensional Printing
    • Laser
    • Powder
  • Computer Science

    • Design
    • Application
  • Engineering

    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Products
    • Surfaces



Vision on metal additive manufacturing: Developments, challenges and future trendsCIRP journal of manufacturing science and technology, 47, 18-58. Bernard, A., Kruth, J. P., Cao, J., Lanza, G., Bruschi, S., Merklein, M., Vaneker, T., Schmidt, M., Sutherland, J. W., Donmez, A. & da Silva, E. J.
Multimaterial powder bed fusion techniquesRapid prototyping journal, 28(11), 1-19. Mehrpouya, M., Tuma, D., Vaneker, T., Afrasiabi, M., Bambach, M. & Gibson, I. and Control of Product Shape Quality for Wire and Arc Additive ManufacturingJournal of manufacturing science and engineering, 144(11), Article 111005. Ruiz, C., Jafari, D., Venkata, V., Vaneker, T. H. J., Ya, W. & Huang, Q. Surface Roughness Characterization Method for Additively Manufactured ProductsIn Proceedings of ASME 2022 17th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference (MSEC2022): Vol. 1: Additive manufacturing; Biomanufacturing; Life Cycle Engineering; Manufacturing Equipment and Automation; Nano/Micro/Meso Manufacturing, Article V001T01A031. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Wang, A., Jafari, D., Vaneker, T. H. J. & Huang, Q. Experimental Study of Downfacing Surfaces in Selective Laser MeltingAdvanced engineering materials, 24(8), Article 2101562. Babu, J. J., Mehrpouya, M., Pijper, T. C., Willemsen, G. & Vaneker, T. sintering kinetics in virgin and aged polymer powdersPowder technology, 397, Article 117000. Alvarez, J. E., Snijder, H., Vaneker, T., Cheng, H., Thornton, A. R., Luding, S. & Weinhart, T. a Structured Decision-Making Framework for Automating Cognitively Demanding Manufacturing TasksIn Towards Sustainable Customization: Bridging Smart Products and Manufacturing Systems - Proceedings of the 8th Changeable, Agile, Reconfigurable and Virtual Production Conference CARV 2021 and 10th World Mass Customization and Personalization Conference MCPC 2021 (pp. 190-197). Springer. Torn, R. J., Chemweno, P., Vaneker, T. & Arastehfar, S. Geometric Accuracy in Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing With Engineering-Informed Machine LearningIn ASME 2022 17th International Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference: June 27–July 1, 2022 West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, Article V001T01A012. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Ruiz, C., Jafari, D., Subramanian, V. V., Vaneker, T. H. J., Ya, W. & Huang, Q.

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