prof.dr. V.G. Jetten (Victor)

Full Professor


Earth & Environmental Sciences
Flash Flood
Mass Movement
Tropical Environment


Throughout my career I have been working on natural hazards and land degradation, fascinated by creating models that simulate these processes. Starting with biomass and grazing capacity in Afrika, followed by the effects of logging on the rain forest water balance, I moved to soil erosion and land degradation processes as a result of land use management and overgrazing. From there I became interested in extreme events leading to natural disasters, not only in rural but also in urban envrironments. I strongly believe that these processes should not be studied and modeled as separate disciplines but in a much more holistic way than we currently do. In the context of Natural Disasters stakeholders are confronted with domino and compounding effects multiple hazards. I think science has to be useful for society and my aim is to provide timely and actionable spatial information in disaster preparedness, prevention and response.


Yuniawan, R. A., Rifa’i, A., Faris, F. , Subiyantoro, A. , Satyaningsih, R., Hidayah, A. N., Hidayat, R., Mushthofa, A., Ridwan, B. W., Priangga, E., Muntohar, A. S. , Jetten, V. G. , van Westen, C. J. , van den Bout, B., & Sutanto, S. J. (2022). Revised rainfall threshold in the Indonesian landslide early warning system. Geosciences (Switzerland), 12(3), 1-17. [129]. https://doi.org/10.3390/geosciences12030129
Umer, Y. M. (2022). Advances in localized flood hazard modelling in urbanized and data-scare areas. University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC). https://doi.org/10.3990/1.9789036553247
Muntohar, A. , Mavrouli, O. C. , van Westen, C. J. , Jetten, V. G., & Hidayat, R. (2021). Development of landslide early warning system based on the satellite-derived rainfall threshold in Indonesia. In N. Casagle, V. Tofani, K. Sassa, P. T. Bobrowsky, & K. Takara (Eds.), Understanding and Reducing Landslide Disaster Risk. WLF 2020. ICL Contribution to Landslide Disaster Risk Reduction (pp. 227). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-60311-3_26

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University of Twente
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
ITC (building no. 75), room 5-035
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation
ITC  5-035
P.O. Box 217
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