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Welcome! I am Vincent Groenhuis and postdoctoral researcher at the group of Robotics and Mechatronics, University of Twente. I completed my BSc in Computer Science (with 2nd propedeuse in Applied Physics), my MSc in Embedded Systems and my PhD in medical robotics, all cum laude and at University of Twente.

My research primarily focuses on image-guided medical robotics, for bladder cancer diagnosis (Next-gen in-vivo project) and MRI-guided breast biopsy (Sunram project). Additionally I research pneumatic and electric stepper motors with various properties which can get really interesting at times. I have several patents from which two spin-offs were launched: Machnet Medical Robotics and MultiMotor.

I also assist in certain courses. In 2021-2022: Optimal Estimation in Dynamic Systems (OEDS) and Surgical Navigation Technology (SNT). I also supervise individual students for their BSc, MSc and/or internship projects. Contact me if you are interested in doing a (medical) robotics or (stepper) motor-related project with me.

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Sunram5 breast biopsy robot

Sunram 5: MRI-guided breast biopsy robot


Three-axis MultiMotor

Three-axis stepper motor


Visit https://www.vincentgroenhuis.nl/wp/home/2022/09/04/vincents-research-videos/

Visit https://www.vincentgroenhuis.nl/wp/home/2022/09/04/vincents-research-videos/ to watch my research videos!


Engineering & Materials Science
Magnetic Resonance Imaging


My research focuses on medical robotics and stepper motor technology. Technological advances could improve diagnosis and treatment of e.g. cancer in the breast of bladder, while innovative pneumatic and electric stepper motors offer new ways of actuating various applications.

Sunram is an MRI-guided robotic system for breast biopsy. Being operated by pneumatic stepper motors it is safe to use inside an MRI scanner. The fifth generation is Sunram 5 (video), while new prototypes are being developed regularly.

The Next-gen in-vivo project focuses on bladder cancer diagnostics using a robotically-steered instrument with an optical coherence tomography sensor in its tip. In this project I primarily focus on the imaging side

Multi-axis electric stepper motors offer an innovative way of actuating multiple degrees of freedom using a singular stator which drives multiple rotors simultaneously (video), while sensorless absolute encoder motor technology offer a novel way of measuring the absolute position and torque in stepper motors.

Several pneumatic stepper motor designs are open source. See https://www.vincentgroenhuis.nl/wp/home/2019/10/11/stepper-motor-overview/ for an overview of the different variants of which many are directly downloadable. Contact me (v.groenhuis@utwente.nl) for the non-published designs, and any other questions.

Visit https://www.vincentgroenhuis.nl/wp/home/2022/09/04/vincents-research-videos/ for a list of my research videos!

Visit https://www.vincentgroenhuis.nl/wp/home/2022/09/04/vincents-research-videos/



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2021-2022: Assistant in the following courses: Optimal Estimation in Dynamic Systems (OEDS) and Surgical Navigation Technology (SNT)

I also regularly supervise BSc/MSc/internship/project students. Mostly individually, but small groups are also possible.

Some available BSc/MSc assignments are listed on https://www.ram.eemcs.utwente.nl/education/assignments, but you can also propose an interesting idea (robotics, imaging or stepper motor related) yourself and contact me to discuss the possibilities.


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