In 2019, I completed my bachelor's program "Laser Physics" at NRNU MEPhI, Moscow, Russia. In 2021, I got my master's degree in the program "Photonics and Quantum Materials" at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia. My work was devoted to the research and development of an optical quantum random number generator (QRNG). For the past three years, I have also worked as a junior researcher at the Russian company QRate, where I have participated in projects related to quantum cryptography and QRNGs.

I am currently working as a PhD Candidate on photon Bose-Einstein condensates with Jan Klaers' team, which is part of the Advanced Quantum Optics Department.


  • Physics

    • Speed
    • Photons
    • Interference
    • Region
    • Laser
    • Waveguide
    • Quantum Key Distribution
    • Variations



Particle Velocity Measurement in Classically Forbidden Regions. Sharoglazova, V., Puplauskis, M., Mattschas, C. U., Toebes, C. & Klaers, J.Stabilizing optical microcavities in 3D. Mattschas, C. U., Sharoglazova, V., Puplauskis, M., Toebes, C. & Klaers, J.Studying open quantum systems in optical microcavities. Sharoglazova, V., Puplauskis, M., Mattschas, C. U., Toebes, C. & Klaers, J.Particle motion associated with wave-function density gradientsPhysical Review A, 107(5), Article 052201. Klaers, J., Sharoglazova, V. & Toebes, C. randomness in a semiconductor laser: Issue of quantum random-number generationPhysical Review A, 107(1), Article 012616. Shakhovoy, R., Puplauskis, M., Sharoglazova, V., Duplinskiy, A., Sych, D., Maksimova, E., Hydyrova, S., Tumachek, A., Mironov, Y., Kovalyuk, V., Prokhodtsov, A., Goltsman, G. & Kurochkin, Y. and Time-Division Multiplexing via Pump Current Variation of a Pulsed Semiconductor Laser: A Method of Synchronization for Quantum Key DistributionIEEE journal of quantum electronics, 59(1), Article 8000110, 1-10. Shakhovoy, R., Puplauskis, M., Sharoglazova, V., Maksimova, E., Hydyrova, S., Kurochkin, V. & Duplinskiy, A. motion in classically forbidden regions (Unpublished). Sharoglazova, V., Puplauskis, M., Toebes, C., Mattschas, C. U., Vretenar, M. & Klaers, J.

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