My name is Wouter and I was born in Curaçao in 1957. I studied mechanical engineering at the HTS of Enschede (1980). In 2000 I started working on the University of Twente as an Technician in the Low Temperature group of superconductivity. 

Since 2008 I join in the group Biomedical engineering as an technician.

Additional to my work I join the student karting club “A la Kart” ( at the Universiteit.

Before 2000 I worked at several companies as a mechanical-, development- and technical engineer.


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  • Physics

    • Strands
    • Strain
    • Axial Strain
    • Cycles
    • Fracture
    • Strength of Materials
    • Value
    • Performance


Other contributions

A Fully Automatic Press for Mechanical and Electrical Testing of ITER Conductors Under Transverse Cyclic Load. The paper describes the design of a cryogenic fully automatic press to investigate the changes in the mechanical and electrical properties of the full-size ITER cable samples (Nb3Sn) under transverse variable load along 40,000 cycles and at 4.2 K.

Research profiles


University of Twente

Horst Complex (building no. 20), room W105
De Horst 2
7522 LW Enschede

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