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Wouter Hakvoort is associate professor and principal investigator in control for mechanical engineering in the department of Mechanics of Solids Surfaces and Systems, Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente. His research focus is on the integration of data with (first principle) model-based control, effected through efficient (flexible) multibody modelling, adaptive control and iterative learning control for motion control, active vibration isolation control and control of forming processes. Application areas are in precision systems, mechatronics and robotics for smart industry and high-tech industry. He received funding for 6 PhD projects on these topics of which 1 has been completed so far. The work has been published in over 30 peer-reviewed publications in the area.


Wouter Hakvoort coordinates a module and a project on mechatronics in the BSc-programme of Mechanical Engineering and is the main teacher of two master courses on control in the MSc programmes of Mechanical Engineering and Systems & Control. He is also chairman of the programme-related subcommittee on Systems & Control of the examination board of the EEMCS faculty.


Wouter received his MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering cum laude from the University of Twente in 2004. He received his PhD degree from the same university in 2009 for his work on Iterative Learning Control for LTV systems with Applications to an Industrial Robot. From 2008 he gained industrial experience at DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics, being responsible for the control and system design mechatronic systems for medical and high-tech systems applications. Concurrently he was guest lecturer and researcher at the University of Twente (0.2 fte), teaching and researching on mechatronics and control. In 2017 he joined the university full-time as tenure-track assistant professor in control for mechanical engineering.


Wouter is in the Precision Engineering research lab.


Engineering & Materials Science
Compliant Mechanisms
Displacement Measurement
Feedforward Control
Vibration Isolation
Physics & Astronomy
Mass Flow


Spanjer, S. T. , & Hakvoort, W. (2022). Optimal Active Vibration Isolation Systems for Multiple Noise Sources. In 2021 European Control Conference (ECC) (pp. 2473-2478). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.23919/ECC54610.2021.9654949
Seinhorst, B. , & Hakvoort, W. (2021). Efficient formulation of hexapod kinematics enabling real time adaptive feedforward control. In 2021 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, AIM 2021 (pp. 186-191). (IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM); Vol. 2021). IEEE. https://doi.org/10.1109/AIM46487.2021.9517402
Nijenhuis, M. , Naves, M. , Hakvoort, W. B. J. , & Brouwer, D. M. (2020). Efficient modeling for the design of a large-stroke fully flexure-based 6-DOF hexapod. 47-51. Paper presented at 35th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering, ASPE 2020, Virtual, Online.
Hakvoort, W. B. J. , de Boer, A. , & van der Veen, J. T. (2020). A lab-in-a-box project on mechatronics. In J. van der Veen, N. van Hattum-Janssen, H-M. Järvinen, T. de Laet, & I. ten Dam (Eds.), Engaging, Engineering, Education: Book of Abstracts, SEFI 48th Annual Conference University of Twente (online), 20-24 September, 2020 (pp. 818-825). University of Twente.
Spanjer, S. T. , & Hakvoort, W. (2020). Adaptive Feedforward control of a Flexure Based Hexapod. In Proceedings of the 2020 ASPE Spring Topical Meeting on Design and Control of Precision Mechatronic Systems (pp. 58-62). American Society for Precision Engineering.
Naves, M. , Hakvoort, W. B. J. , Nijenhuis, M. , & Brouwer, D. M. (2020). T-Flex: A large range of motion fully flexure-based 6-DOF hexapod. In R. K. Leach, D. Billington, C. Nisbet, & D. Phillips (Eds.), Proceedings of the 20th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, EUSPEN 2020 (pp. 205-208). EUSPEN. https://www.euspen.eu/knowledge-base/ICE20183.pdf

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