dr. W.D.B. Warbroek (Beau)

Assistant Professor

About Me

Ever since my studies I've been interested in how governments and societal stakeholders take on grand societal challenges such as climate change. Energy transition, climate adaptation, circularity all presuppose a substantial change from the status quo. Within these transitions, institutions can make a difference. They can make a difference by guiding actor interactions, but more often, they form a barrier that prevents the so much needed change. In my work, I focus on institutions and how we can change them, step by step, so that they can work for the change, instead of against it.


Social Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Energy Policy
Local Government


Driven by making our living environment resilient and sustainable. In my work I like to combine research with practice. I am intrigued by the energy transition and climate adaptation as societal, spatial and governance challenges. My research/professional interest lies in:
- energy transition integration
- climate adaptation
- urban resilience
- social innovation
- community energy
- policy innovation
- institutional innovation
- (polycentric) governance
- urban/rural interface
- cross-sectoral collaboration
- system integration


Hoppe, T. , & Warbroek, B. W. D. (2021). Agency of citizen collectives in sustainable transitions: The case of renewable energy cooperatives in Europe. In S. Teerikangas, T. Onkila, K. Koistinen, & M. Mäkelä (Eds.), Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency (pp. 180-196). Edward Elgar. https://doi.org/10.4337/9781789906035

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University of Twente
Faculty of Engineering Technology
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The Netherlands

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University of Twente
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