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I am interested in the governance of climate change mitigation at the local scale. Specifically, I focus on gaining an understanding of the mechanisms of success of grassroots civil society local low-carbon energy initiatives. In this effort, I further investigate how innovations in governance and policy can contribute to an effective support structure for these bottom-up civil society initiatives.  


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As a scholar with a (European) public administration background, I am intrigued by the role of governance in climate change mitigation. The governance of climate change, being a multi-scalar, -level, and –actor problem vexed by unprecedented complexity, seems to render traditional institutions and policies ineffective in making substantive progress. Against this background, grassroots civil society low-carbon energy initiatives are emerging throughout Western-Europe (in specific the Netherlands) and challenge the organizational status quo of the energy system. Small scale low-carbon energy projects initiated by citizens foster a decentralized and distributed way of generating energy with both processes and outcomes being characterized by significant civic involvement.   

As a PhD-student, I am currently researching what lessons can be learned from on-going grassroots civil society local low-carbon energy initiatives in the Dutch province of Fryslân and what innovations in governance and policy are needed to effectively support this bottom-up movement.



Warbroek, W. D. B., & Hoppe, T. (2016). Understanding the relation between local low-carbon energy initiatives and decentralised governments. Paper presented at 1st Energy & Law Workshop on Consumers, Citizens and Communities, 2016, Exeter, United Kingdom.
Warbroek, W. D. B., & Hoppe, T. (2016). Understanding the relation between Local Low-Carbon Energy Initiatives and decentralized governments. Paper presented at RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2016, London, United Kingdom.
Clancy, J. S., Sugey Garcia Vazquez, C., & Warbroek, W. D. B. (2016). Gender and the energy transition in the North: light on dark area. -. Paper presented at Symposium “Engendering the Energy Transition”, Enschede, Netherlands.


My expertise lies in topics such as the involvement of civil society in the organization of the energy system and the local governance of climate change mitigation. I regularly give lectures in which the above mentioned topics are elaborated upon.

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