I am full professor in the Department of Thermal and Fluid Engineering. In 2015 I finished my PhD on "Wave Characteristics of Falling Liquid Films under the Influence of Positive and Negative Inclination or Electrostatic Forces" at RWTH Aachen University for which I received the Friedrich Wilhelm Award. In 2014 I obtained a second PhD in economics on "Decision-Making under Multi-Dimensional Price Uncertainty for Long-Lived Energy Investments". In 2015, I was Post Doctoral Fellow in the research group of John Lienhard V at MIT, Cambridge. From 2015 to 2021 I was leader of the research group "Convective Heat Transfer" at RWTH Aachen University. In 2021, I was appointed as Full Professor in Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics at the University of Twente.


  • Engineering

    • Heat Transfer
    • Fluid
  • Physics

    • Liquids
    • Simulation
    • Impingement
    • Cooling
    • Model
    • Region


Ancillary activities

  • Self-employedConsultancy service
  • Self-employedConsultant and dealer for PV components and renewable energy systems


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Research profiles

Wilko Rohlfs is the founder of the mobile teaching application HeatQuiz. HeatQuiz was developed to help students deepen their knowledge of conduction, convection, radiation and mass transfer by solving short tasks. The tasks can be solved in a limited amount of time without the need for a pencil. This makes HeatQuiz ideal for use during short breaks.

The questions are reached via so-called "game maps", which provide structured access to series of questions, each consisting of 5-10 tasks.

HeatQuiz can be accessed via the website:

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