【We are all trying to maintain a very precarious system. I want to talk about that precarity without feeling forced or doing as if. It's about work but more about life.】

I love: beautiful things and to define "beauty"; flowers, (other) plants, cats, hot springs, secondhand shops, sunny days and warm weather; cooking, baking, eating and drinking, gardening, walking through old towns, observing things around; experiencing; rollercoasters and other adventures; movies, literature, art in general and, the uttermost, art museums; discussing about Dutch politics.

Current research - interdisciplinarity, specifically in the field of engineering education. I do hold on to a general perspective looking at how interdisciplinarity, mostly considered as something cognitive or organizational, comes into being through social processes.

Research interest - Working in departments of both philosophy and teacher development, I wonder I myself am a very interdisciplinary person. I gradually see myself as in the sociology/social studies: I want to understand people and how they, together with their contexts, construct meanings, understandings, opinions, experiences, feelings, emotions. Emotions, yes, all their happiness, sadness, anger, desire, hope, confusion, doubts, loneliness... That is where I want to develop into.

In terms of academic training, I have reasonable to solid background in philosophy (especially philosophy of mind, action theories, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science), STS (particularly Actor-Network theory, material-semiotics, SSK and SCOT, sociology of science in general), qualitative research methodology and methods (ethnography, phenomenology, and my favorite: the grounded theory). I'm learning more.



University of Twente

Ravelijn (building no. 10), room 4107
Hallenweg 17
7522 NH Enschede

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