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Quantifying Canopy Nitrogen Content in a Soil-Acidified Temperate Forest Using Image SpectroscopyIn 13th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy 2024, Valencia, Spain. Abdullah, H., Skidmore, A. K., Siegenthaler, A., Darvishzadeh, R., Neinavaz, E., Torres Rodriguez, A. & Duan, Y.Mapping phyllopshere and soil fungal function using AVRIS-NG hyperspectral dataIn 13th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy 2024, Valencia, Spain. Siegenthaler, A., Abdullah, H., Skidmore, A. K., Duan, Y. & Rousseau, M.Mapping soil microbiological biodiversity using simulated CHIME hyperspectral dataIn Abstract from 13th EARSeL Workshop on Imaging Spectroscopy 2024. Skidmore, A. K., Abdullah, H., Siegenthaler, A., Adiningrat, D. P., Duan, Y., Rousseau, M., Torres Rodriguez, A., Darvishzadeh, R., Wang, T. & de Groot, A.Forest top canopy bacterial communities are influenced by elevation and host tree traitsEnvironmental Microbiomes, 19(1), Article 21, 1-14 (E-pub ahead of print/First online). Duan, Y., Siegenthaler, A., Skidmore, A. k., Chariton, A. a., Laros, I., Rousseau, M. & de groot, G. A. forest soil pH accurately Quantified with image spectroscopyRemote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment, 34, Article 101161. Abdullah, H., Skidmore, A. K., Siegenthaler, A., Adiningrat, D. P., Duan, Y. & Rousseau, M. soils further acidify in core Natura 2000 areas amongst unaware government policyEcological indicators, 159, Article 111621. Skidmore, A. K., Abdullah, H., Siegenthaler, A., Adiningrat, D. P., Rousseau, M., Duan, Y., Torres Rodriguez, A. & Neinavaz, E.

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