After finishing my master studies, in September 2015 I went to the University of Jena Germany to pursue a PhD degree. I worked in the Prof. Benjamin Dietzek group with a topic of the ultrafast photon-induced processes in artificial photosynthetic mimics. A special focus was placed on understanding the photon-induced electron-transfer dynamics and the underlying mechanisms. This was motivated by the fact that the photon triggered primary charge separation is a key step in artificial photosynthesis. After obtaining my PhD degree in July 2019, I started as a postdoc in the same group. I expanded my work on exploring the relationship between molecular structures and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactivity.

In June 2020 I joined the Prof. Dirk Guldi group at the University of Erlangen-Nuremburg Germany for a next postdoc. There I worked on the photoinduced charge shifting processes in porphyrin based strongly coupled electron donor-acceptor system, on one hand, and on the other hand, I investigated the racemization mechanisms of subphthalocyanine based donor-acceptor triads via time-resolved spectroscopy.

In July 2023, after a 10-month parental leave, I started my postdoc work in the Photocatalytic Synthesis group. I am trying to elucidate if the vibronic coupling plays a vital role in the long range exciton transfer in chlorosomes of the green sulphur bacteria. Different spectroscopic techniques will be employed to clarify it. 


Courses academic year 2023/2024

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University of Twente

Horst Complex (building no. 20), room ME148
De Horst 2
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