dr. J. von Engelhardt (Yuri)

Assistant Professor


Social Sciences
Arts & Humanities
Design Patterns
Maritime Heritage
Visual Representation
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Sustainable Development Goal


Richards, C. , & Engelhardt, Y. (2020). The DNA of information graphics. In The IIID Award 2020 Book (pp. 216-217). International Institute for Information Design. https://issuu.com/foessleitner/docs/iiidaward-book-2020-issuu
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Kraak, M. J. , Gu, Y. , Dobraja, I. , & Engelhardt, Y. (2017). OD matrix visualization revisited : abstract. Abstract from The Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting 2017, Boston, Massachusetts, United States. http://app.core-apps.com/aagam2017/abstract/dcb181785f7fd70d2b1bd16d5a701274

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University of Twente
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