Eric A. M. Klumperink (IEEE Member '98, Senior Member '06, Fellow '20)  was born on April 4th, 1960, in Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands. He received a B.Sc. degree from HTS, Enschede (1982), worked in industry on digital hardware and software, and then joined the University of Twente, Enschede, in 1984, shifting focus to analog CMOS circuit research. This resulted in several publications and his Ph.D. thesis "Transconductance Based CMOS Circuits: Circuit Generation, Classification and Analysis" (1997). In 1998, Eric started as Assistant Professor at the IC-Design Laboratory in Twente and shifted research focus to RF CMOS circuits during a sabbatical in 2001 at Ruhr Universitaet Bochum, Germany. Since 2006, he is an Associate Professor, teaching Analog & RF IC Electronics and guiding PhD and MSc projects related to RF CMOS circuit design with focus on Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio and Beamforming. Eric served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE TCAS-II (2006-2007), IEEE TCAS-I (2008-2009) and the IEEE JSSC (2010-2014), and as member of the technical program committees of conferences ISSCC (2011-2016), RFIC Symposium (2011-2021) and ESSCIRC (2019-). He holds 16 patents, authored and co-authored over 200 internationally refereed journal and conference papers, and was recognized as 20+ ISSCC paper contributor over 1954-2013. He is a co-recipient of the ISSCC 2002 and the ISSCC 2009 "Van Vessem Outstanding Paper Award" and served as IEEE SSC Distinguished Lecturer.


  • Engineering

    • Receivers
    • Mixers (Machinery)
    • Linearity
    • Filtration
    • Filters
  • Physics

    • Frequencies
    • Output
    • Sampling



Interference Mitigation by Adaptive Analog Spatial Filtering for MIMO ReceiversIEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques, 69(9), Article 9443039, 4169-4179. Abbasi Alaei, M., Golabighezelahmad, S., de Boer, P.-T., van Vliet, F. E., Klumperink, E. A. M. & Kokkeler, A. B. J. Cross-Correlation Technique for (B)FSK RadiosIEEE Access, 9, 96791-96798. Purushothaman, V. K., Mikhael, M. R. M., Oude Alink, M. S., Klumperink, E. A. M., Kokkeler, A. B. J. & Nauta, B. Robust multi-band CMOS Radio Receivers: Webinar at RFIC Virtual Journal - Distinguised Talk. Klumperink, E. A. M.2.4-GHz Highly Selective IoT Receiver Front End With Power Optimized LNTA, Frequency Divider, and Baseband Analog FIR FilterIEEE journal of solid-state circuits, 56(7), 2007-2017. Thijssen, B. J., Klumperink, E. A. M., Quinlan, P. & Nauta, B. Harmonic Rejection Mixer Analysis and Design Based on a Filtered Periodic Impulse ModelIEEE transactions on circuits and systems II: express briefs, 68(7), Article 9324800, 2292-2296. de Boer, P.-T., Oude Alink, M. S. & Klumperink, E. A. M. 0.7-5.7 GHz Reconfigurable MIMO Receiver Architecture for Analog Spatial Notch Filtering Using Orthogonal BeamformingIEEE journal of solid-state circuits, 56(5), Article 9237968, 1527-1540. Golabighezelahmad, S., Klumperink, E. A. M. & Nauta, B. receiver techniques: On filtering, power consumption and phase noise. University of Twente. Thijssen, B. J. efficiency model for MIMO transmitters including memory polynomial digital predistortionIEEE transactions on circuits and systems II: express briefs, 68(4), Article 9211753, 1183-1187. Zanen, J., Klumperink, E. & Nauta, B. and methods for analog finite impulse response filters. Analog Devices International. Thijssen, B. J., Klumperink, E. A. M., Quinlan, P. & Nauta, B. Predistortion-less digital transmitter with ‚Äď50 dB ACLR exploiting output conductance linearizationIEEE Solid State Circuits Letters, 4, 162-165. Zanen, J., Klumperink, E. & Nauta, B.

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If you are an IEEE member you can get a quick idea of  my research interests checking the review paper "Interference Robust CMOS Radio Receiver Circuits": RFIC Virtual Journal issue by Klumperink and Molnar

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